With Artistic License KINDLE

One night I dreamt of a little boy painting on a wall, and woke up laughing. I got up, made a note and went back to sleep. I dreamt of an art critic who mistook a child’s doodles for serious art — and woke up laughing. So went the entire night, and in the morning I had the bones of a novel. Three years later, With Artistic License is that novel.

If fortune is a moving target, so is love in this Romantic Comedy, where art and commerce intersect.

Curtis Cooke thought he had it all: a beautiful wife, a home in suburbia, a prestigious job as an Asset Manager in the city. But all of that is about to change, as clueless Curtis finds himself confronting the twin disasters of a dissolving marriage and a global financial meltdown.

When he is ejected from his home by an irate wife who feels “he wasn’t there, even when he was there,” Curtis finds he has his hands full with their six-year-old son Sammy, whose penchant for drawing leads Curtis to the world of art.

After a prospective client and an art critic mistake Sammy’s doodles for serious art, opportunities are presented and problems must be overcome, as Curtis learns a valuable lesson in his search for love and happiness.

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