Scott W. Clemens. That’s me. I spent my childhood in Del Mar, California, and have spent my adult life in Moss Beach.

I have a Master’s Degree in English Literature. I’ve been a bookbinder; factory worker;Epicurean Cover clerk; salesman; rum importer; stock trader; wine critic; newspaper columnist; professional wine judge; graphic artist; commercial photographer, and novelist (not necessarily in that order). However, for most of my career I’ve been an editor of food, wine and travel magazines, and was the editor/publisher of EPICUREAN magazine. I’m currently the editor/publisher of Epicurean-Traveler.com.

I write non-fiction under the byline Scott W. Clemens. As a wine, food and travel writer I’ve visited twenty-nine countries, tasted more than 100,000 wines, and written more than 500 articles. My photographs have graced the covers of dozens of magazines and books, and illustrated hundreds of articles.

I write fiction under the moniker S.W. Clemens. My novels, With Artistic License, and Time Management, a novel, and Kindle Scout Winner Evelyn Marsh are available on Amazon — click here.