A God in Training

Cypress on the bluffs, Moss Beach, California

Scott’s 45 seconds of Zen:


A God in Training, a one act play in 45 seconds

Open on a black stage. Two disembodied voices speaking.


Good. (a light comes on in the darkness)


Because in the Beginning was the Word, and the Word was Good.

“Ah. (long pause) But why is it Good?”

Because I can give it to you, and you can give it back, and that way we can communicate.


So we can be part of something bigger than ourselves.

(audible sigh) “Divine.”

(dismissively) Perhaps.

“If Good is at the Beginning, what’s at the Ending?”

Darkness. (light goes out)

“What if I don’t like the Ending?”

Go back to the Beginning.

“Good.” (light comes on)