Let’s connect, dear reader, because you are a necessary part of the story. A novel without a reader is like the proverbial tree that falls silently in the forest — it’s incomplete. A writer without an audience might as well be shouting to the wind. 

The written word is a marvelous thing. If combined in the right way, words create images in our minds and memories beyond our own experience. As a reader you complete the circle. That’s why I write. That’s also why I read. 

Reading is like food for the mind and soul. The written word enriches our lives, broadens our horizons, gives us depth of experience, and connects us with the author over a gulf of time and space. Stories allow readers to live multiple lives from multiple viewpoints. It’s even possible to know a character in a story more intimately than we know our best friends.  I hope you check out my work. You can read sample chapters and find my books online by visiting my Author’s Page here. To become part of the creative process, sign up for my Advance Team of readers who will receive a pre-publication copy of my next book free, for the promise of leaving an honest review upon its publication. Just fill out the form below (I promise not to spam you, and you can unsubscribe at any time). Let’s connect.

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